Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Walter Benjamin: "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

In this example, the camera is used not to glorify but to expose the contradictions within the economic and social system not by statistical arguments but by depicting human suffering, and to give expression to groups and individuals who normally would not be able to express themselves. This is true both of the economic underclasses but also of racial minorities such as many Japanese-American citizens who were placed in "internment" camps by the U.S. government during World War II

Dorothea Lange, Migrant Mother, Florence Owens Thompson, 1936

Stanley Forman, Fire Escape Collapse, 1975

What I believe this passage is trying to say was, that the level of miserable life's during these WAR WORLD were actually worst then anybody can imaging. In reality its much easier saying " oh yes thing are bad but it can be fix" and actually seeing with your own eyes that people were living a really bad life during these times. Its even worst when a person know that they are living a horrible life and knowing they cant do anything about their situation because their voice dose not matter. This was not only an issue for people of color but also for people that were consider lower class. History has been represented as issue with people of color " racial" but by looking at these pictures you see " white people" suffering as much as any other person could suffer. Its amazing to see that maybe the issue around the world and in past time has not been about racial matters but rather about economy, power and control. To see a woman be homeless with her two children is terrible, not taking away the fact that these people that are consider "lower class" are white. However the suffering those not stop, on the next picture there is a clear vision of  two young children flying down a building from a fire escape. These are thing that should not be happing specially if the life's of the children are in danger. People shouldn't be dying of starvation, or because something that should be safe isn't . I believe this was a perfect way to show the world how bad thing were, to make people actually see what was going on at this time not only because the WAR was going on but because there will be consequences for people actions and sometimes the people that have to pay for those consequences are the most vulnerable people.    

Monday, May 11, 2015


We  find ourselves in a situation where we are still capable of grasping what is lost; we can still sense the destruction of values and how the world is becoming more shallow and superficial. New generations are growing up far removed from all our inherited traditions, and it is an amazing feeling to see these children many of whom will live to experience the year 2000. By then, the last remnants of the modern, i.e., Copernican, age will most likely have disappeared (p. 45).

Its very amazing to read such passage because even during this horrifying time some people still seem to have hope for the future, to hope that not everything was going down the hill as of people always dying and WAR after this time. ITs good to see that event though people that were contributing in some type of way for the WAR to continue there was still other people looking at the bigger picture in which was progress for our children and stop the WAR. This WAR was making people empty, sad, miserable and hopeless. It seem to be a type of relieve to think or picture a better future for the up coming generation, see hope that by the years 2000s thing will be better then how it was then, and it will be understandable to think that the 2000s will be better because thing should also be progressing and there no dough thing are much better now then before however the 2000s weren't that perfect. so we are still trying to become a better world for all.    

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


How is the Nazi regime to be interpreted within German history?

The Nazi is interpreted as the worst party that could have ever happen to Germany and the world as well. The Nazi was one of those horrifying world history in the world. These no place in this planet were the Nazi aren't known for the commotion they build. Hitler had the ability to manipulate people that had no hope, that was looking for someone to make them feel save, to make the people feel like everything was going to be fine and that were people tag alone. I believe that was the main reason why Hitler got his power into Germany.. The fact that Hitler saw his Germany being nothing, destroy, and poor gave him the ability to get people to believe that he was going something good for Germany. Not at all, his method of conquering  the world to make Germany a better country was were the hopeless people was not realizing. He wanted to make Germany better by destroying other country and making Germany the only standing one. I believe it was also hard for the people because in this time were not event money was worth, they needed someone to assure them that Germany was going to raise again. However no matter how bad the people wanted Germany to raise and be great once again, the way that Hitler way of ruling the country was the worst way anybody could have ever rule a country and for that reason Germany will always be the most horrifying part of the world history.         

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Max Weber Politics as a Vocation

"The leadership of a state or of a party by men who (in the economic sense of the word) live exclusively for politics and not off politics means necessarily a ‘plutocratic’ [rule of the wealthy, after the Roman god of wealth and the underworld, Pluto—Prof.] recruitment of the leading political strata. To be sure, this does not mean that such plutocratic leadership signifies at the same time that the politically dominant strata will not also seek to live ‘off’ politics, and hence that the dominant stratum will not usually exploit their political domination in their own economic interest"  (pp. 85-6)

This passage is telling us how a person that want to be in politics should think about politics, that will like to make thing better for the good of the people. its very clear the stamen his trying to put in the reading about this part of the reading. If a man that is willing to be a politic vacation to his country for the economy, their purpose is to fix thing, to do good to the state and not created this bad habit of living off the politics power. People sometimes see the power that one can obtain and really forget what was the purpose of them being involve in politics matters. In which I believe is one of the major problems of the world we live in know. Politics take advantage of the power that is giving to them in such way, that its no longer about the society or the nation it becomes living for themselves. There is were politics fail on doing the best for the nation.      

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The German Revalution Of 1918

"Business thrives in the ruins. Cities become piles of ruins; villages become cemeteries; countries, deserts; populations are beggared; churches, horse stalls. International law, treaties and alliances, the most sacred words and the highest authority have been torn in shreds. Every sovereign “by the grace of God” is called a rogue and lying scoundrel by his cousin on the other side. Every diplomat is a cunning rascal to his colleagues in the other party. Every government sees every other as dooming its own people and worthy only of universal contempt. There are food riots in Venice, in Lisbon, Moscow, Singapore. There is plague in Russia, and misery and despair everywhere."

This passage tell us how bad the War world had done not only to the countries that were mainly involve in it but to other parts of that world that had to live to the disaster of this madness that was going on. "Villages becoming cemeteries" is clearly that the War was becoming a death sentence to everybody, people that was against it and people that did agree with it. it seem like there was no way out of this rage that was taking over. There was no real loyalty coming from any direction, people will make agreements and brake them as soon as an opportunity to take over come alone. Even thought thing are not as bad now as they were back then, however politic is not that great now either. In many countries there still no help what so ever so the people. No health coverage, Not enough Food, No healthy water, Really bad diseases and many other things that the politics should be taking care of.       

Sunday, March 15, 2015

M 1931

In the film M, it was very interesting seeing how people actions when something really bad happen in a small town. The scene that i choose was the part were "The Murdered" was looking around town, it seem to be like a small mall with stores. He was just looking around and threw the mirror he seen a little girl that was looking inside a store, she was outside just looking into the store. As soon as he seen the little girl it was like a drug that he knew was at the tip of his hands and he could just grave it and take it. He couldn't stop looking at her, so he started following her. she was along, it was like this great opportunity for him to talk his bate. In his face you can see something taking over him, like he couldn't control it. After a few minute of following the little girl, she turns in a corner and see her mother, then he hides really fast when he see the little girl mother. He see the little girl and the mother walk away, he looked so mad and angry. 

I choose this scene because it was so intense seeing how upset he got when the little girl saw her mother. It was like the plan he created in his mind got destroy. During this time mental illness was not something people see everyday. So the fact that there was a psychopath in town, it was not hard to know there was a murderer in town, but it was hard to know that the person had a metal illness. Because as he said at the end, it was something he couldn't control, the fire, the voices in his head. Like i have always say before the mind is a power tool that can make a person do crazy things, but then again what guarantee us that we are not crazy our self.   

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


"The Lavender Song"(Das Lila Lied), music by Mischa Spoliansky, lyrics by Kurt Schwabach (1920).

[English ]
What makes them think they have the right to say what God considers vice
What makes them think they have the right to keep us out of Paradise
They make our lives hell here on Earth
poisoning us with guilt and shame
If we resist, prison awaits so our love dares not speak its name
The crime is when love must hide
From now on we'll love with pride

Was will man nur? Ist das Kultur,
da jeder Mensch verpönt ist,
der klug und gut, jedoch mit Blut
von eigner Art durchströmt ist,
da grade die Kategorie
vor dem Gesetz verbannt ist,
die im Gefühl bei Lust und Spiel
und in der Art verwandt ist?
Und dennoch sind die meisten stolz,
da sie von anderm Holz!
Wir sind nun einmal anders, als die andern,
die nur im Gleichschritt der Moral geliebt,
neugerig erst durch tausend Wunder wandern,
und für die ’s doch nur das Banale gibt.
Wir aber wissen nicht, wie das Gefühl ist,
denn wir sind alle andrer Welten Kind;
wir lieben nur die lila Nacht, die schwül ist,
weil wir ja anders als die andern sind.

My interpretation of this part is that at this time 1920 in Germany people weren't  able to make their own decisions. Specially during this time of WAR, people had to live in this horrifying life if they wanted to be alive. It seems as if people were shame because of thing they had to do during this time such as kill another people because of Hitler believe it was the right thing to do, there was only two choices with him kill or be killed. Love was lost!! People will see darkness, feel darkness, be darkness. People was consume with darkness and to dare feel compassion for someone and be destroy, because their is something higher then love and it was their duty for the country.

"Chuck Out the Men" (Raus mit den Männern), by Friedrich Hollaender (1926) 

The battle for emancipation's been raging since history began
Yes, feminists of every nation want to chuck off the chains made by man
Hula girls and housemaids and wives in Maribou
hear all our voices thunder in protest
Anything that men do women can do too
and more that that we women do it best

(für Claire Waldoff)
Es geht durch die ganze Historie
ein Ruf nach Emanzipation
vom Menschen bis zur Infusorie
überall will das Weib auf den Thron.
Vin Hawai-Neger bis zur Berliner Range
braust ein Ruf wie Donnerhall daher:
Was die Männer können, können wir schon lange
und vielleicht ’ne ganze Ecke mehr.

Women being treated like an object has been around for centuries. Man treading and assuming women cant be good for anything other then being housewife's or a "baby maker machine" needed to change. The stigma that women couldn't work, could go to school, they could vote was the way men thought about women. They weren't allow do anything and something needed to be done. Women needed to stand together to make this change happen. It didn't matter what type of women, rich, poor, middle class women, because it didn't matter what category you was in, you as a women didn't have a voice.    


A man that had sexual activities with another man was to be punish by the law, so it was basically not permitted. As well as a man that let another man used him for sexual activities, but in that case I think it will be more of a prostitution action. The punishment was more extreme if the person committing the act was with a minor, in which this case is more understandable because a minor don't have an appropriate age to consent sexual act.


The most extreme penalty for any broken laws that apply to a sexual act was 10years. However there was at least a penalty of three months in prison for committing a sexual or letting someone abuse in such sexual. If a person over 21 years old seduces a minor to act on sexual behaviors or if the person was in a relationship that is being abuse for sexual services. As well as a man that was not a shame to be sexual open about their sexuality. It seem like anything that had to do with a men having sex with another man was consider a crime.


The sexual act from a human to a animal was consider a crime. If this act was committed the person civil right was taken away. Being that a person was willing to act on such horrifying act there was no compassion on how the law was going to penalizes.

This article relate to the class because during this time being gay was a huge issue that was consider a mental illness and a crime. so the WAR was not the only problem for people having to deal with such penalties for liking the same sex was a big problem as well.